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We know what beautiful looks like and we will find your beautiful.


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Model for a day experience

At Verdi Studio Portraits we believe that every woman deserves a beautiful photograph of herself. Times moves a hundred miles a minute in this busy world and we invite you to slow down and take the time to discover who you truly are and that you deserve to exist in photographs. We want to reveal to you your inner goddess. We want to help you discover what is holding you back from seeing her.

We know that one size does not fit all. Real women have wrinkles and curves and they are juggling careers, households, kids, and relationships. We photograph every woman and offer her an unparalleled pampering photoshoot experience. We are experts in lighting and posing. We know that prepping for a photoshoot can be stressful, so we are here every step of the way to ensure it is a pleasurable process. We take care of everything: wardrobe planning, hair and makeup artistry and custom wall art design. We know what beautiful looks like and we will find your beautiful!



Our clients are everyday people, not models. We love photographing women of all ages, shapes and sizes!


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What Clients Are Saying


"From the moment I met Ksenia I knew she was special. She is by far the most graceful photographer I have ever worked with ..."


"Ksenia, through her work, has helped me move towards radically accepting myself just the way I am ..."


"... Ksenia captured the vibrancy and love of life I thought I had lost. Thank you for being such an amazing blessing to my life."


"Thanks to Ksenia, I now have the most beautiful pictures ever taken of me. ..."


Meet the Photographer

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Hello Gorgeous,

My name is Ksenia and I am a portrait photographer. My passion is creating the most gorgeous portraits that my clients have ever seen. I would like every woman to have a beautiful photo of herself. My clients come to me, because they trust my artistic vision and skill to capture images that they will cherish for a lifetime.  

Many people put off having portraits taken because they want to lose weight, get more sleep or dress better. Celebrate You today. It is not your job to be photogenic. It is my job as the photographer to bring out your inner beauty and confidence. I love photographing women of all ages, shapes and sizes. I know what beautiful looks like and will find your beautiful.

With Love,

Ksenia Verdiyan