Client Testimonials

Read what my wonderful clients have to say about their portrait experience.

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Susan says:

“As a single woman of a certain age, as a business owner, and as a cancer survivor, there are days when I feel worn out, invisible and marginalized. Ksenia capture my essence, and in these images I see myself again: renewed, strong, vibrant, capable and happy. When I look at these photos my little voice whispers "hold my wine! Thank you, Ksenia, for returning a part of me that sometimes wanders . . .”


Natalie says:

“Ksenia is a miracle worker! I flew in from Texas because of a recommendation from a friend. We prepared in advance, she virtually walked me through my closet to find the right types of clothing that would look best for the shoot. I mentioned my granddaughter would be with me and she asked me to bring some outfits for her as well. Her makeup artist and hairstylist were great - they made us look "finished" but not over the top so the photos came out fantastic and realistic! We have a phenomenal day! I now have beautiful professional and personal photos that I absolutely LOVE!”


Lyndsay says:

“It was an incredible experience to work with Ksenia! I highly recommend investing in your self care with a glamor photoshoot with Verdi studio. The team takes care of everything from wardrobe consultation to hair and makeup. You're left feeling relaxed and like a Rockstar.”


Susan says:

“I recently had a fabulous photo shoot experience with the incredibly talented, smart and lovely photographer, Ksenia Verdiyan of Verdi Studio. Ksenia works primarily with women, and her mission is to not only create beautiful images, but to empower you in the process. That approach resonates so much with me, given the work I do and how I live my life. I loved every minute of the process with her, from the initial consultation to the final reveal! Thank you, Ksenia! I highly recommend Ksenia for any kind of photos (e.g., headshots, branding, lifestyle, dating profile, boudoir, family, etc.). She is an absolute joy to work with, and you will come away with both beautiful photos and feeling empowered.”


Trish says:

“Ksenia is amazing. She is not only a talented photographer, she is professional, and really listens to what you want. Her process is carefully designed to help create photos you will love. I hate having my picture taken, and she was patient and kind while she coached me to relax and have fun with it. And now I have photos I love and are perfect for my business.”


Janna says:

“Being photographed by Ksenia is like having a playdate with the best friend! I didn’t even notice the time pass – meeting the stylist and the makeup artist, changing blouses and dresses, trying different poses, lightning and so on. Overall, it was an amazing experience, and I even learned some makeup and wardrobe tips. Great photo quality, always on time for all appointments, very transparent with the prices. Also, Verdi Studio has a nice Facebook page where they post photos and videos, sometimes “behind the scenes”, and I recommend every new client to check that out. Lots of fun and I am very happy with the results!”


Rayellen says:

I loved working with Ksenia and her team! I usually hate having my photo taken, but they made it so easy. I made a double appointment for me and my son, who just graduated from college. When we arrived, there was fun music playing, and a professional hair and makeup artist to give us each a nice freshening up. Right after the shoot, we were able to sit right down and select the shots we preferred. Those were touched up delivered quickly in high res for use wherever we need a head shot. I’m really thrilled with the results. It was a really great gift for both of us! “


Rosalyn says:

"This entire experience was just wonderful from start to finish. Ksenia was warm, supportive, and fun. She is a delightful person that made the whole thing something to look back on and smile about. The entire process was relaxing, playful and the results were amazing. I wanted to order every photo! I ended up with 7 beautiful portraits that I am deeply satisfied with. I recommend not only the ones for fun, a little glamour or legacy, but also I had her take 2 professional shots, and they have made my website and marketing materials look SO much more professional, it was worth it."


Marisa says:

"I hate having my picture taken...but as my business continues to grow, so does my online presence, and I needed some good shots for my website and social media stuff. I saw some of Ksenia's work and was instantly attracted to how well she was able to portray the personalities of her subjects. Her pics were beautiful, but they also captured the subjects in a way that is rare to find.. I just wanted to get it out of the way and done, but to my surprise it was SO much fun! It was a very high-end experience and I felt completely pampered...I could not believe the shots that she got out of me. My friends and family were RAVING about them, and what I love most about them is that they are so clearly ME. A glammed-up, prettier version of me, yes, but I'm totally recognizable and my personality shines through in every photo. I am in love with them. It's like looking at the best version of myself, and I'm so happy to have pics that truly represent who I am, inside and out. She is so gifted."


Regina says:

"What a truly supportive and magic experience it was working with the talented Ksenia Verdiyan. I'm usually a tough one to work with as I'm serious and focused on a thousand things I'm doing at the moment but Ksenia had a light, pure energy that really refreshed me! She is your girl for an amazing headshot and versatile photos for any life occasions!"


Arlene says:

"I wish I can give her 10 Stars. Because Ksenia is absolutely AMAZING!! Her passion for photography shows 100%. When I met Ksenia she made me feel soo comfortable and helped me just be myself. I love my photo session with Ksenia. I absolutely recommend it to everyone. I will cherish my photos for ever. My kids and husband love my photos as well. Thank you soo very much . The amount of compliments on my photos are endless and it's all because of you!!!! I can't say enough."


Kristen says:

"Ksenia is a very professional photographer. She is extremely talented and easy to work with, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a professional headshot for either work or personal use."


Angela says:

"Ksenia was fantastic to work with! I've received many compliments on my head shot. Beyond the picture looking great, she helped me to feel a level of confidence during the shoot I hadn't felt before in front of a camera. She is able to capture the zest, grit and spirit of women in addition to their own sensual presence. Thank you Ksenia and best of luck in Boston!"


Holly says:

"From the moment I met Ksenia I knew she was special. She is by far the most graceful photographer I have ever worked with. Each step of the way she made me feel comfortable and excited. She puts her heart and soul into every piece of the project. The photoshoot was so fun- she gave gentle, effective direction and made me laugh. Ksenia has this special way of bringing your authentic self out. I have no idea how she does it! She is incredibly passionate about creating prints that will absolutely supersede anything you could ever imagine."


Wendy says:

"Being a mother, grandmother and career woman, I'm always lifting others up and inspiring them but when it comes to myself I've forgotten how. With my 47th birthday approaching I looked in the mirror and saw how the losses, stress of working in addiction field and heartbreak of the year had aged me. I saw work Ksenia had done with a friend and how she brought out her inner strength, light and beauty. I decided it was time for me. What a cathartic experience! Ksenia is so much more than a photographer and artist. She allowed me to see myself through new eyes. It was such an emotional and healing journey. I literally cried in viewing my portraits. Ksenia captured the vibrancy and love of life I thought I had lost. Thank you for being such an amazing blessing to my life."

Maria says:

"As a contemporary portrait photographer myself, I thought I might just photograph myself.  Wrong! I had seen Ksenia's work and easily chose to have her photograph myself and my son. The session was flawless and much more than I ever could have expected. After coming through a few hard years, I wanted to feel beautiful again. And boy do I feel that way as a result of being photographed by Ksenia. She is professional, very caring, and an absolute delight.  I would recommend her to anyone. Her work is exceptional and her work ethic is admirable"


Stephie says:

"After a lovely coffee date, some great conversation and seeing Ksenia's work, I was more than excited to work with her. I was approaching my 47th Birthday and a 4 year sobriety anniversary and really wanted to find a way to finally see myself as the confident and assured woman that I was beginning to feel like on the inside. She put my mind at ease every step of the way. She was not only professional, but more importantly comforting and so attentive to every request and need that I had.  To say that my photos turned out beautifully is a complete understatement. I still can't look at them without crying. They are gorgeous and so professionally done. Ksenia is a true gem. She doesn't miss one single detail every step of the way. This experience was absolutely priceless to me."

Ariana says:

"Thanks to Ksenia, I now have the most beautiful pictures ever taken of me. Her professional and gentle guidance throughout the photoshoot allowed me to relax and get the most out of my session. Every detail, from the wardrobe consultation, to the portrait reveal was given careful consideration and raises the bar on professional photography!"

Meghnaa says:

"From the first consultation, wardrobe selection, prep on the day of the shoot, to the actual photoshoot, Ksenia made me feel at ease. I felt accepted and loved by Ksenia, and this allowed me to completely trust her. She delivered more than I could have ever imagined. She was able to show me - me - and has helped me silence the inner critic in me who has always complained about the way I look. Ksenia, through her work, has helped me move towards radically accepting myself just the way I am. I think everyone should gift themselves this beautiful experience. Trust me, it's worth it."


Janet says:

"What an honor it was to meet Ksenia, and what a thrill it was to be photographed by her. From our first meeting at my home to the actual photo shoot, she was so personable and gracious; she made me feel like a princess. I was so excited to be in her beautiful studio, where I was met with one of her warms hugs, delectable baked treats and the sparkling water that she made certain I had. She made me feel so special and at ease with her sweet confidence and amazing talent she was gifted with. She takes all the time with her clients that they need and captures the best of each individual. She never settles for anything less than the vision she has in her mind. Her work, from start to finish, is exquisite and of the highest quality. She promises you will fall in love with your portraits, and you absolutely will. It's such a wonderful experience; it's a special day captured with a priceless gift for you and your family."

Christine says:

"I first met Ksenia for coffee and to talk about our businesses. Soon after, I saw some examples of her work and was enticed into having a photo shoot with her. I would normally be hesitant to do this type of thing, but Ksenia's fun and relaxed attitude made me feel comfortable. The photo shoot was really fun and I felt like Ksenia did a great job of capturing me in many looks and making me look my best. I'd recommend this to every woman who wants to experience a day of feeling special and beautiful and capturing that feeling in portraits to be kept forever. Ksenia is the perfect photographer to make that happen."


Erica says:

"I met Ksenia through a mutual friend and was so excited to consider and move forward with having professional photographs taken for my website and businesses. My expectations were met above and beyond with all of the attention to detail from the wardrobe consult, hair and make up, and through each shot during the session. Ksenia made me feel completely comfortable in a situation that I have never experienced!  Her laugh and kindness put me at ease in front of the camera and I have photos to share not only for my business, but with my husband and family. I love all of the images and the entire experience. I highly recommend Ksenia and her work. "

Stephanie says:

"I have gone to Verdi Studio twice, once for a regular photo session, and later for a boudoir shoot. Ksenia is an incredibly talented, incredibly passionate photographer. She is truly inspired by the beauty in the women she meets. I have never felt so beautiful as I did when she was photographing me. Ksenia makes youfeel relaxed, inspired, and gorgeous. Her joy truly spreads to you during your session. In addition, she is extremely professional. She works hard to make your photos perfect, both in advance of the photoshoot selecting poses and afterward ensuring that every image you receive is flawless. She cares deeply about her customers and goes above and beyond to ensure quality and timeliness. I really can't say enough positive things about her. Making women look beautiful is truly her passion."

Meghan says:

"Being photographed by Ksenia was one of the easiest, most thrilling and life affirming experiences I've ever had. She took it upon herself to become so familiar with my aesthetic that she showed me things I didn't even know I would love! Her empathy paid off in photos that are not only breathtaking, but also accurately express the core of who I am. I am confident that whether on LinkedIn, a dating network, or at a theater audition, these photos will tell a rich and immediate story of what I bring to the table."

Alena says:

"I decided to get a photoshoot during the moment of my life when I wanted to see myself beautiful, powerful, elegant and feminine. From the very beginning, Ksenia became fully committed to making me feel this way. She discussed everything with me in detail, so I was ready for the day of photoshoot and knew exactly what to expect. Ksenia knew how to direct me gently, so I was relaxed and felt comfortable in front of her camera. This photoshoot was an expression of self-love. Each woman should give herself this experience. It brought me so much feminine energy, power and admiration!"